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Language-Building Package


Where does Hamburg's heart beat? What went on, and what is going on in the city right now? How do I take part in Hamburg's diversity?


Here we bring the first experiences, insights and experiments to linguistic development.


While we take in the cultural landscape of the city, we learn and improve our language skills.



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Course Contents

We deepen our insight into the cultural world of our city and, at the same time, into the possibilities of expression in the German language. New terms, fresh formulations, exciting places, and exclusive experiences await you.


  • First Dive

We explore the world of theatre, cinema and concerts in the city, we visit its parks and museums - and we talk about it. Extended training on topics from the basic package and many others.


  • What was - and what is

We hear, read and talk about the past, the economy, politics, and the professional world of the Hanseatic city.

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